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The Definitive Mapping of the Summer of Love. Haight-Ashbury in 1967.

Elinor Rhodes' map of the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood published in San Francisco in 1967. The map depicts the Haight Ashbury neighborhood, along Haight Street between Shrader Street and Masonic Avenue. Businesses along Haight Street are listed by address number, with some called out in pink (e.g., Thieves Market, Laughing Racoon Gallery, U.F.O. Gallery, Memory Lane Books, etc.) The actual map image is framed as a trompe l'oeil scroll held aloft by a man and a woman, shoeless and in hippie garb.

The map includes a humorous reference to the Diggers, including a conversation between two people: "Have the Diggers got some food?" "I don't know I've been working." Text on the verso further explains

On the map you will see the phrase "The Diggers". These people are presently operating, by the grace of the vicar and the bishop, in the All Saints' Episcopal Church at 1350 Waller Street. They collect food; rather, they accept food, then once a day they feed anyone who wishes a nourishing meal. It is, to be quite precise, an effort to keep hippie bodies and hippie souls together.

"Note: Please dig this scene on foot we love you but not your car!"

Library of Congress G4364.S5:2H25 1967 .R4. OCLC 122316367.