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Interesting map of the United States, drawn by Polish historian Franciszek Bolek and published by the Polski Prezglad Kartograficzny (Polish Cartographic Review) in 1930.

Franciszek Bolek (also known as Francis Bolek ) was a  Polish historian, educational activist and priest.  Bolek studied theology in Przemyśl. In the years 1914-1918, he served as a chaplain in the Austrian army and from 1918-1920 in the Polish Army. From 1924 he was in the USA. He worked there as a pastor and teacher with the Polish National Union of America.

The map notes the capital of each of the United State and the towns founded by Poles in the US, including for example:

  • California:  Kosciuzsko, Posen, Stanislaus, Pollasky, Zabriske and Modjeska Ranch
  • Arizona:  Polacca, Poland, Poland Jct, and Linskey
  • Montana: Landusky, Silesia and St. Philip
  • Minnesota:  Kroze, Florian, Gatzke, Puposky, Biwabik, Gniezno, Poland, Lida, Opole, Alberta, Wanda, Wilno and Warsaw
  • Michigan: Kalisz, Kopernik, Lublin, Kosciuszko, Poniatowski, Berent, Czestochowa, Pozna, Pelpin, Torun, Bistawek, Sobieski, Krakow, Kazimerz, Polaski, Sandusky, Krak.


The map is apparently very rare.  We locate no examples in American institutional collections and only 1 or 2 in Polish institutional collections.