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Stock# 62975

A World Map Immediately Following The Discovery of Hawaii

Finely executed map of the World, focusing on the recent discoveries of Captain James Cook in his 3 Voyages of exploration which spanned the preceding decades.

This map presents an interesting view of the world in 1783 with emphasis on British interests and discoveries. 

The United States is plainly labeled "British Colonies."   The remainder of North America lacks boundaries, although the areas of New Albion, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Canada are named.

Port Sir Francis Drake appears, pre-dating Spain's announcement of the discovery of San Francisco Bay in 1769.

The islands of the Pacific Ocean receive special attention, highlighting the discoveries of Captain Cook, with O-Why-Hee featured within the Sandwich Islands, although curiously the Island of Mendana and the islands to the west (Monges, Ulua, Desgraciada, etc., likely a remnant from Spanish discoveries by Mendana in the region in the 16th and early 17th Century) are still shown, although the existence of these islands was dubious at best.

Australia (New Holland) is almost fully delineated, except Tasmania (Van Diemens Land) is shown attached to the mainland.

Asiatic Russian is made up of the Government of Siberia and the Government of Irkutsk. Cook’s Str. separates Asia and North America.