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Og Fantasy Map

Lively map embellished with vignettes and text describing areas which including:

  • "Great Unknown Land Of Dragons & Fire Spitting Monsters
  • Pygmy Village
  • Land Of Red Beards
  • Land Of Fire Pits.

Three color-coded start and ending points of journeys. Nice character illustrations appear at corners with Og and Nada at lower left, others feature Big Tooth, Ru and Red Beard.  

Published for the makers of Libby's Evaporated Milk.

Og, Son of Fire

The first stories of Og, a cave boy who lived half a million years ago, appeared on the pages of Boys' Life, the Boy Scout magazine, in December, 1921. They were written by Irving Crump [1887-1979], a writer and editor of Boys' Life, and were published as a book, "Og - Son of Fire," by Dodd, Mead & Co. in 1922.

More chapters came out in the magazine in 1924-25, and Dodd, Mead published "Og, Boy of Battle" in 1925. Og appeared in Boys' Life again from 1933-36, and "Og of the Cave People" was published in 1935.

A nation-wide radio show, "Og - Son of Fire" aired in 1934-35, hosted by Libby, accompanied by premiums and the publication of a Whitman "Big Little Book" in 1936... which was converted into a Dell comic in 1937. A final sequel, almost 45 years after the first, "Og - Son of Og," appeared in 1965, again preceded by chapters in Boys' Life.

Mog, the Mound Builder, the story of a prehistoric American boy, appeared in 1931.

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