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With the Arctic Discoveries of MaClure and Kane.

Updated edition of this fine map the Canadian Arctic Regions, published by George Philip & Son in Liverpool, one of the earliest maps to depict MacClure's discovery of the Northwest Passage in 1854.

Philip's map is one of the most up to date maps of the region from the period and among the rarest. It is of perhaps greatest note for being one of the first maps to depict MacClure's route in discovery of the Northwest Passage in 1854 and Dr. Kane's discoveries north of Baffin Bay between 1853 and 1855.

The map shows the routes of Captain Ross in 1818 and Captain Parry in 1820. The map includes insets of Russian America and Capt. Franklin's journey from Coppermine River to the head of Bathurst Inlet and return by Hood's River.