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Pictorial map of the Long Trail area, which served as the cover art for the Long Trail Lodge, including its menu.

Oriented with East at the top.  The Lodge is that the top center, with the towns of Middlebury, Brandon, Rutland, Clarendon, Waillingford, Darby, Poultney, Proctor, Pittsford, Hubbardton, Whitelhall, Shoreham,  Mendon and others shown -- Lake Champlain at the bottom.

The Long Trail Lodge was built in Sherburne Pass in 1923 and served as a grand hotel on Vermont's Long Trail until it burned in 1968.

The Long Trail

Built by the Long Trail Mountain Club between 1910 and 1930, the Long Trail is the oldest long-distance hiking trail in the United States. The Long Trail follows the main ridge of the Green Mountains from the Massachusetts-Vermont line to the Canadian border as it crosses Vermont’s highest peaks. It was the inspiration for the Appalachian Trail, which coincides with the Long Trail for 100 miles in the southern third of the state.

In 1923, the Long Trail Lodge was constructed to be the base of the Green Mountain Club and the heart of the Long Trail. The lodge was constructed of logs and lumber found in the woods in close proximity of the construction site. The lodge encompassed other elements of the mountains as well, including a natural rock wall that was built into the lodge. The most fascinating thing about the lodge was that the Long Trail actually ran right through the lodge, and meals were given to any who desired them. Unfortunately, and to the dismay of many, the lodge was destroyed in 1968 by a fire and the Green Mountain Club was moved to Montpellier. 

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Some spotting at the upper left.