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The Pashalik of Scutari

Detailed map of Albania, prepared by François Joseph Maire in Vienna.

At the time, the region included part of Albania occupied by the Bacha of Scutari (Pashalik of Scutari), the District of Montenegrins and part of the territories of the Republic of Venice and Ragusa.

F.J. Maire was a publisher, geographer and engineer active in Vienna. He published some maps in relation to the Russian-Austrian-Turkish war of 1787-91.

Pashalik of Scutari

The Pashalik of Scutari, or Pashalik of Shkodra (1757–1831) was a semi-autonomous entity under the Ottoman Empire, created by Albanian leaders of Northern Ottoman Albania, today's Northern Albania, Southeast Montenegro, most of Kosovo and West Macedonia. In the late 18th century, two Albanian centers of power emerged: Shkodër, under the Bushati family; and Janina, under Ali Pasha of Tepelenë.

In 1757, Mehmed Bey Bushati proclaimed himself Pasha of Shkodër, hoping for an autonomous. His son and successor Kara Mahmoud pursued a policy of military expansion; he established his control over northern Albania (up to the Shkumbi River) and over Kosovo. He launched two attacks on Montenegro (1785, 1796) and outlasted several Ottoman expeditions dispatched to subdue him. Kara Mahmoud's autonomous pashalik did receive the attention of the Austrian and Russian foreign office, both regarding him a potential ally against the Sublime Porte.