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Stock# 61943

Rare French and Indian War-Era Map of the American Colonies.

Thomas Kitchin's rare double-page engraved map of the American colonies.

Kitchin's British Dominions in America is closely based on Mitchell's monumental map of the American colonies. It shows Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia stretching all the way to the Mississippi River. Pennsylvania extends north of Lake Erie.

The map pays particularly close attention to the Indian tribes of the interior, especially in the South and west of the Appalachian Mountains.

The present map was first prepared after the French and Indian War and was issued until the 1780s. This war-dated issue is rare.


The map is quite rare on the market. We note only 1 example in British or American Auctions in the past 20 years (Swann 1996, $6,440) and none appearing in dealer catalogs. OCLC locates only 1 example in an American Institutional Collection (Clements/ U of Michigan) and 2 in German Libraries. The Gilder-Lehrman collection shows a copy of the map.

The present map is not to be confused with the Kitchin map that appeared in Gutherie's Geography in the early 1780s; that map is more common.

Condition Description
Subtle, but pleasing, old outline hand-color.
Not in Phillips, A List of Maps of America, nor McCorkle, New England in Early Printed Maps.