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Decorative pictorial map of the area around Penobscot Bay by Luther Phillips.

As noted by Rumsey:

Pictorial map of Maine’s Penobscot Bay and part of of the river Penobscot, by L. S. Phillips. Printed with textual explanations. The map covers from Bangor south as far as Camden and the northern part of Deer Island and east as far as Blue Hill Harbor. Includes historical notations. At the top margin notes the important events in the history of the regions – from the ‘first recorded description of Norumbega’ in 1569 to the ‘great fire – April 30’ in 1911, and a note near the compass rose reads, "Discovered by Gomes in 1525 and named by him ‘Baya Fermosa’ (beautiful bay), the Penobscot ..." Maps shows roads, rivers, lakes, highways, islands, ports, ships, buildings and landmarks. Relief shown by contours and spot heights. Includes decorative compass rose orienting north to the top of the map.

Includes large inset maps of Belfast and Bangor/Brewer.

Luther S. Phillips Biography

Luther S. Phillips was a Maine graphic designer and photographer who made pictorial maps and postcards.

Phillips is noe of Maine's most prolific pictorial cartographer.  Phillips was based in Northeast Harbor, Mount Desert Island, Maine. His company, 'Map of Maine' produced local pictorial maps for the tourist market. He would tour around Maine to promote and sell them, along with his scenic postcards