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Fascinating group of French manuscript maps of Puerto Rico and its regions, coupled with an extensive text description of the Island, sailing directions and discussions regarding the attack of the Island.

The maps would appear to have been created in connection with time when Spain was engaged in the Peninsular Wars.  Following the Haitian Revolution,  France had lost its primary source of sugar in the New World.  With the Spanish government on the run from the Napoleonic forces on the Iberian Peninsula, Puerto Rico would have nominally become a French possession, giving France a much needed new source for sugar.

Of note, the group includes a plan of Aguadilla, on the northwest coast of Puerto Rico. Established in 1775, the population iof Aguadilla continued to increase constantly mainly due to its excellent port and strategic location in the route of the boats. In 1776, when Santo Domingo became independent for the first time, many loyalists from Santo Domingo emigrated to Puerto Rico, mainly to Aguadilla.

Spain aligned herself with France by signing the Second Treaty of San Ildefonso in 1796. Britain then targeted both countries' Caribbean colonies. Admiral Sir Henry Harvey's fleet picked up Sir Ralph Abercromby's army in Barbados. Together, they captured Trinidad from the Spanish, before heading for San Juan in early 1797. The British also attacked Aguadilla and Punta Salinas.

The larger sheets are on handmade paper.   We 

Condition Description
Sizes in inches: #1 (46 x 15); #2 (20.5 x 15.5), #3 (12.5 x 8-each map); #4 (21 x 17)