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Searching for a National Road To The Gold Regions of Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee

Large government published map, illustrating a proposed road from Lake Erie to North Carolina.

This map details the country between Lake Erie south to the Atlantic Ocean near Savannah. The route of the proposed road originates in Portsmouth on the Ohio River and meanders down through Kentucky, [now] West Virginia, Tennessee and to the vicinity of Morgantown in North Carolina.

The road was necessitated in part by the discovery of gold in east Tennessee, western North Carolina and north Georgia

The National Road is shown running between Columbus and east to Brownsville, PA. The map locates Louisville, Sparta, Savannah, Charleston, Columbia, Parkersburg, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and many more towns and cities. Important places like the Charleston Salt Works are also located.

Drawn by Lieut. F.L. Darcy under the direction of Lieut. Col. S.H. Long, Topographical Engineers. 

Condition Description
Minor foxing