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Rare separately published map of America, based upon J.B.B. D'Anville.

Published shortly after the end of the Seven Years War (French & Indian War), the map includes extensive annotations on several regions, including:

  • Province of East Florida
  • Province of West Florida
  • Province of Quebec
  • Northwest of California
  • Government of Grenada (Caribbean)

An interesting explanation is given for why California was thought to be an island:

the Californian Isthmus being covered in the Spring Tides made Imagine at first that California was an Island.

The discoveries of Juan de Fuca (1592), Martin d'Aguilar (1603), Francis Drake (1542 and 1578) are shown.

In the area of the Upper Mississippi and Upper Missouri Rivers, a number of the great river legends and myths are delineated.


The map is very rare. We are aware of a single example at auction and only one example in AMPR (PJ Radford, 1984).

Condition Description
Minor toning from an earlier framing.