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Striking example of Mathew Carey's map of North Carolina, one of the earliest large format maps of the State after independence.

Includes the topography of North Carolina, as well as roads, towns, rivers, lakes, and a host of other details.

The map shows the growth of the State in the early 19th Century. Meticulous details shown to the inclusion of the growing road system in the State Court houses, in each county, are noted, as are the major towns.

This is the second state of the map, described by Jay Lester in his January 14, 2015 essay posted on the North Carolina Map Blog --

The differences are as follows:

  • 1st Edition / State 1: Title in swath letters. No County Borders Shown
  • 1st Edition / State 2: County Borders Added
  • 2nd Edition / State 1: New plate. Title in block letters. Craven County spelled C R A W E N
  • 2nd Edition / State 2: Anson and Rutherford counties named; Craven County now correctly spelled