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Unusual Double Hemisphere Map of the World on a Polar Projection

Striking decorative map of the World, oriented to show the "Hemisphere Marine" (Southern Hemisphere) and "Hemisphere Terrestre" (Northern Hemisphere) originally issued by Charles Pierre Boullanger and later by Santini in 1776 and Remondini in 1784.

The map includes a massive Bay of the West and partial coastlines of New Zealand and Australia. No sign of the discovery of Antarctica. Paris is at the center of the right sphere, so that Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and most of South America appear together: the left sphere contains Patagonia, Australia and the East Indian Islands. Thus Santini could name the two halves 'Hemisphere Maritime' and 'Hemisphere Terrestre'. Australia and New Zealand are only partially shown (despite Cook a decade before); the erroneous 'Mer de L'Ouest' appears in northwest America, with a large 'I. Nouvelle' just south of the Bering Straits; and Jesso is part of mainland Asia.

Paolo Santini Biography

Paolo Santini (1729-1793) was an Venetian engraver known especially for his religious prints and fine cartographic engravings. He published in Venice and may have a been a member of the clergy. In his maps, he largely adopted and adapted the work of his French counterparts, especially the brothers de Vaugondy.