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The second known example of this rare view of Amiens, showing the siege of 1597.

The Siege of Amiens was a siege and battle fought during the Franco-Spanish War (1595-1598), during the French Wars of Religion) and the Anglo-Spanish War (1585–1604) between May 13 and September 25, 1597.

The Spanish, who had sent a large army in March, captured the city of Amiens.  Henry IV of France, after recovering from the shock of the capture, immediately and quickly built up an army which included a large English force and besieged Amiens on May 13.

An attempted relief force sent under the command of the Ernst von Mansfeld and the Archduke of Austria repeated attempted, but failed to dislodge the besiegers and afterwards the Spanish relief force retreated.  Amiens ultimately fell back into Henry's hands with the surrender of the entire Spanish force.

As result of the victory, Henry was in a strong position to enact the Edict of Nantes and to negotiate the peace of Vervins which was signed with Spain the following spring.[17][18] The siege was the last major military event in the Franco-Spanish War as well as the French Wars of Religion.

Bifolco / Ronca #398.2