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Hong Kong Manuscript Military Mapping.

Military map of Hong Kong notable for its extensive manuscript amendments covering British Armed Forces activity in the area.

Much of the new territories is carved up between various Restricted Areas, artillery ranges, and infantry training areas. 

The manuscript key enumerates the following:

  • Training (All Arms)
  • Infantry (Dry Training)
  • Tank Crossing
  • Frontier Limit
  • Gun Firing Position
  • Dry Gun Position
  • [Illegible] N L.F.S.O.
  • Tank Range
  • Arty and Inf Range
  • 25 Pdr Impact Area
  • Restricted Area
  • Trg Dry Trg Boundries [sic]

Starting in the early 1950s, Hong Kong began experiencing its economic miracle. The instability in Mainland China caused capital flight from Shanghai to Hong Kong, and a massive wave of immigration (the population had grown from 600,000 to 2.1 million after the end of World War II) lowered the cost of labor.  During the Cold War, Hong Kong was always under theoretical threat of invasion by the PRC, and so the British Forces Hong Kong trained extensively throughout the region, hoping to avoid the same fate that befell them during World War II, when Japanese forces quickly overran what was supposed to be a resolute defense.

Condition Description
Extensive manuscript additions. Trimmed along the bottom edge, with some fairly inconsequential loss of image.