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Highly detailed colored coded map of Saskatchewan, published by the Department of the Interior.

The table at the top, labeled land situation, providers a breakdown of lands in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, including

  • Total area surveyed (not covered by water)
  • Water covered lands
  • Parish and River Lot Settlements
  • Forest Reserves
  • Indian Reserves
  • Homesteading, Northwest Half Breed Strip, Military Scrip, etc.
  • Area granted to Railway Companies
  • Hudson Bay Company Lands
  • School and endowment
  • Irrigated lands
  • Manitoba Swamp lands
  • Grain Crop lands
  • Wheat lands

The map color coding shows:

  • Lands finally disposed of (including school lands)
  • Lands entered for sold or reserved but unpatented
  • Lands entered for or reserved during 1912 (unpatented)
  • Indian Reserves
  • Indian Reserves surrendered and sold
  • Timber Berths
  • Forest Reserves
  • Grazing Leases
  • Boundary of Dominion Land Agencies
  • Dominion Lands Offices
  • Boundary of Pre-emption Tract.