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Van Keulen's Masterful Sea Chart Florida and the Caribbean

Rare map of Florida, the Gulf Coast, Caribbean and Central America, by Dutch mapmaker Gerard Van Keulen, son of the Johannes Van Keulen, the patriarch of the Van Keulen family of sea chart publishers, the most important sea chart publisher of the 17th and 18th Centuries.

Van Keulen's chart provides tremendous detail throughout the region, including a great number of dangerous rocks, soundings and a host of other fine details. Florida is shown as an archipelago, the way in which it would often be shown for nearly 50 years.

The information in the map is very much portolan in style, providing a great number of names along the coastlines, including approximately 50 names in Florida alone. Striking large decorative cartouche, 3 compass roses and sailing ship.

Nothing is known of Jan Sikkena, to whom the map is attributed.  

With the assistance of Claes Janz Vooght, the Van Keulen family published the Zee-Atlas whose first edition appears in 1680, and later the Nieuwe Groote Lightende Zeefakkel, a monumental 5 volume work which was commenced in 1678 and continuously enlarged and expanded over the next 100 years.