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Early Maps Tracing The Supposed Sources of the Nile

Rare set of 3 maps on a single sheet, providing a study of the various theories of the source of the Nile River.

The first map shows the information derived from observations made by the Portuguese explorer Duarte Lopes between 1578 and 1584.

The second map shows information derived from early Arab cartographic sources.

The third map (oriented with south at the top) shows the information derived from the Spanish Jesuit missionary Pedro Paez, between 1618 and 1621, derived primarily from his História da Ethiópia, which would not be published in a printed edition until 1905-1917. Paez is credited with the discovery of the source of the Blue Nile River in the mountains of Ethiopia (Lake Tana). Paez reported that there were two "fountains" there.

The map is quite rare on the market. AMPR lists two copies offered in 1985 and 1994.