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Signed By Eight Apollo Astronauts

Double hemisphere map of the moon and chart showing landing/lunar surface exploration sites, published by NASA in 1970.

Color lithographed moon map with two stereographic projections of the North and South poles. The full lunar equatorial area is shown in Mercator projection between 45 degrees North and South latitude

LPC-1 is a combination of three 1:5M LMP-series charts (Lunar Earth Side, Far Side, Polar Charts).

The map is signed by : "Tom Stafford, Apollo 10, Cdr"; and "Fred Haise, Apollo 13 LMP."  Lunar landing crew members have marked their landing sites with an "X" or circle. SIGNED AND INSCRIBED: "Buzz Aldrin, Apollo XI LMP""Alan Bean, Apollo XII""Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 LMP""Dave Scott, Apollo 15 CDR""Charles M. Duke, Jr., Apollo 16 LMP"; and "Gene Cernan, Apollo XVII CDR."

Prepared By The Aeronautical Chart And Information Center, United States Air Force, Under The Direction Of The Department Of Defense.