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Afghanistan On the Eve of the Soviet Invasion

Interesting Russian-language color-printed map of Afghanistan published in Moscow in 1978, the year of the communist-led coup.

On April 27, 1978, the PDPA and military units loyal to the PDPA killed Daoud Khan, the first President of Afghanistan, his immediate family, and bodyguards in a violent coup, seizing control of the capital, Kabul. As the PDPA had chosen a weekend holiday to conduct the coup, when many government employees were having a day off, Daoud Khan was not able to fully activate the well-trained armed forces which remained loyal to him to counter the coup.

Internecine fighting among communist forces led the Soviet Union to intervene in December 1979, triggering the still-ongoing War in Afghanistan.

The map includes a detailed key and three thematic general inset maps.


OCLC locates an 1986 edition of the map, but not this 1978 edition.