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Excellent Minneapolis-Published Ethnographic Map Illustrating Norwegian Immigration to the United States and Upper Midwest.

Norwegian-language folding map, printed in red and black, with a general map of the United States on one side and a map of the Upper Midwest, focusing on Minnesota, on the other. The map was published in Minneapolis in 1901, by Martin Ulvestad.

The map shows the largest concentrations of Norwegians in the Upper Midwest, Pacific Northwest, and North of Salt Lake City in Utah.

The key illustrates two levels of Norwegian population density outside of the main areas:

  • Spredte Steder, hvor der er norske Menigheder, er market med: ⬤ [Scattered places where there are Norwegian churches are marketed with: ⬤]
  • Andre spredte Steder, hvor der findes Nordmand-men i mindre Antal-er market med: O [Other scattered places where there are Norwegians but in smaller numbers are marked: O]

A wonderful cartographic reflection of a Norwegian's interest in his people's settling the United States.

OCLC locates the following copies: Minnesota Historical, South Dakota School of Mines, Wisconsin Historical, and Wisconsin Historical Soc Archives (possibly a duplicate of the previous copy?).


The map was first purchased by Pauline O. (Slette-Haugen) Flotten, who came to the United States with her husband Andrew Flotten from Norway in 1895. The map descended in their Duluth, Minnesota until we acquired it in 2019. The map is accompanied by a photograph of Pauline.

Condition Description
Some light toning at old folds and moderate staining in the margins.
Martin Ulvestad Biography

Martin Ulvestad (24 December 1865 – 19 January 1942) was a Norwegian-born American historian and author whose writings focused on Norwegian-American immigration. He was a pioneer in documenting the early history of Norwegian settlers in America.

Ole Johannes Martinus Ulvestad was born at Volda municipality in Møre og Romsdal, Norway. He was the son of Peder Olsen Ulvestad (1825–1918) and Alexandrine Knudsdatter (1824–1894). He immigrated to the United States in 1886. During his next three to four years, he worked as a book printer and as a typesetter for various English, German and Scandinavian language newspapers.

Ulvestad published an English-Danish-Norwegian dictionary in 1895. Ulvestad subsequently collected and published extensive information regarding Norwegian-American immigration and settlement in North America. His books provided biographical information, history of the settlements associated with Norwegian immigration and information regarding those who fought in the American Civil War. These books also contained articles about Norwegian music in America, listing of newspapers and magazines, and Norwegian-American educational institutions. His most notable work was the two-volume Nordmaendene i Amerika published in 1907 and 1913. The narrative portion of Nordmændene i Amerika was subsequently translated into English by Olaf Kringhaug (1928–2008).

Wikipedia entry.