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Extremely rare 16th Century map of the "New Greek Universe," by George Achatz von Eneneckel.

The map extends from Sicily and Puglia to the western coast of Asia minor, the regions controlled by the Ancient Greeks.

This is the first time we have ever seen the map offered for sale.

Enenckel's map was re-engraved and copied in Strasbourg in 1614.

Zacharakis/Scutari 1639/1076.
George Achatz von Enenckel Biography

Georg Achatz Freiherr von Enenkel came from the Protestant noble family Enenkel von Albrechtsberg an der Pielach in Lower Austria . He studied ancient languages ​​and philosophy in Strasbourg and law at the University of Tübingen . He translated Thucydides history of the Peloponnesian War from Greek into Latin. He also wrote some legal works.

He was married to Anna Freiin von Althann, the daughter of the imperial court chamber president Christoph Freiherr von Althann and Elisabeth Freiin von Teufel. The only daughter Esther Maria died early.

As a Protestant (Protestant) in 1608 he signed the Horner Bund .

His brother Job Hartmann von Enenkel was also a historian and genealogist.