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Highly detailed map of the United States extending west to just east of the Rocky Mountains, with a large inset map of the Pacific Northwest and Upper Missouri regions.

The main map extends west to the Yellowstone River, Ozark District and the area between the Red River and the Arkansas Rivers, including the parts of the Republic of Texas inhabited by the Comanche Indians. The map provides excellent early detail in the Mississippi Valley, with extensive annotations in French throughout the map.

The large inset map of Oregon Territory and the Mandan District highlights the region which had become the focal point of American westward migration, noting a number of American Forts and Northwest Company trading fur trading outposts in the area west of the Missouri River.

Wheat notes that this inset uses Lewis and Clark geography "save that it has the R. de Ashley and Mt. St. Joseph 'couvert de neige au mois de mai,' reminiscent of Smith."

A fine example of this detailed map of the United States on the eve of the Mexican War and immediately before the improvements to the mapping of the west made by Fremont.