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Rare whimsical map of Sonoma County, which is part of a larger folding promotional brochure promoting Sonoma County.

Perhaps most notable is the broad agricultural emphasis. While wine was clearly already an important part of the local economy, the breadth of other agricultural products illustrated is an interesting snapshot of the County prior to the explosive growth of the wine industry.

The artist, Lea McCarty, was a well known Western Artist. Lea Franklin McCarty was born April 9.1905. McCarty attended Chouinard Art School in Los Angeles and also studied under several noted California artists. For a time he became interested in sculpture and is responsible for the statue of Jack London in Jack London Square, Oakland, for the bronzes of the San Francisco bridge Commissioner, Jack Doyle, a bust of Robert Louis Stevenson, and the Wyatt Earp plaque at Tombstone.

He is listed in "Who's Who" in Western Art in 1956.

Portraiture became his specialty and after years of studying the history of the West, he decided to paint his Gunslingers series. He worked from old Photographs and faded tintypes, and supplemented this with intense research as well as countless interviews with people all the way from Deadwood City to Tombstone and back. It took him three years and three heart attacks to finish his monumental work. Lea McCarty's Gunslingers of the Old West is not only a unique and notable contribution to the history of the West.