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Early Los Angeles View Letterhead -- Letter From Former LA Mayor Regarding Real Estate Speculation

ALS from former LA Mayor James Toberman to real estate speculator F.M. Fowler, soliciting participation in a large real estate venture.

The letter is written on the letterhead of the Southern California Insurance Company and includes a fantastic view showing the burning of the LW Dennis building and two other views.

James R. Toberman was a 6 term (1 year terms) mayor of Los Angeles in 1873-74 and 1879-82.

Captain D. R. Risley was U.S. Marshall from 1884 to 1888 and a resident of Pasadena, where he held offices in the City. He was also a bank director for the University Bank of Los Angeles.


July 17th 1886

F. M. Fowler Esq.  Chino, Cal.

Dear Friend,

Yours of 13th is at hand.  I called on Mr. Callins who told me in confidence that the Co. consisting of Capt. Risley Messers Harbert, Story and others of Pasadena & LA and Hancock I think Phoenix have Secured Sec. 20-28-30-32 & 34 Town 2, Range 1 & Sec.4-8913-17-18.  E 1/2 9 & W 1/2  5.  Town 1 Range 1, who propose to make a town site & ??? the land in Mo ???  ??? says they are trying to secure 2 or 3 other Sections therefore do not want any thing said about the matter untill they get those Sections.

I purchased some land sometime ago and did not have money enough to pay for all therefore I am short of money and untill I sell something I cannot go into any other Speculation.

Yours Truly,

J. R. Toberman

Condition Description
2 page letter, with envelope.