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The First Official Map of Nevada Territory

Important early map of Nevada, being the first official government survey of the newly formed Territory by the General Land Office.

Incorporated in March 1861 as a Territory, the focal point of this first survey is the Westernmost part of the Territory, including the already booming mining regions east of Biggler Lake (Lake Tahoe) and in the Virginia City and Washoe City areas.

The map locates Virginia City, Washoe City, Carson City, Steamboat Springs, Gold Hill, Franktown, Empire City, Aurora, Elbow Ranch, Nyswanger, 5 Mile Ranch, Williams, Parker, Nye's Ranch, Riviera, Jack Wright and Genoa, along with other place names.

A number of early roads area also shown.

The earliest obtainable separate map of the Territory of Nevada.

While the map is not rare, the condition of this example makes it quite nice.

Wheat, C.I. (TM) 1052.