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Rare pictorial map of Mexico City by Miguel Gomes Medina, published by Athenaeum Fischgrund Publishing Co.

Fine and extremely rare pictorial map of Mexico City, for which the copyright was issued to Eugenio Fischgrund on November 11, 1935.

A fine whimsical map of by Mexican artist Miguel Gómez Medina. The map is centered on Lake Xochimilco and extends north as far as the majestic ruins of Teotihuacan, and as far as the volcano Popocatépetl.

The Centro Histórico and the Zócalo are illustrated just to the north of the lake.

Vignettes and illustrations focus on Mexican life and culture but also include highways and railroads – indications that Mexico is both rich and culture and rapidly embracing modern technological developments.

The map is surrounded by scenes from Mexican life, including a street view of Cuernavaca, a village market, the Nevado de Toluca, the Convento de Tepotzotlan, and a night scene in the Zócalo during Mexican Independence Day La Noche de 'El Grito', among other scenes.