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"A Milestone in the History of Hungarian Cartography"

This remarkable map was the work of the surveyor, engineer, engraver and map maker, László Vörös. 

Vörös first received wide acclaim for his role in the Hungarian Danube Mapping Project beginning in 1828. The mapping of the Danube between Buda and Pest was a high priority, because of the regular floods threatening the expansion of the two cities. 

 The building of a permanent bridge connecting Buda and Pest became part of the national development movement led by count István Széchenyi. As a result of his work, Vörös was commissioned to construct a detailed and accurate map from the available topographic and hydrographic data. His large, detailed and elegant map was published in 1833, with the support of the  Bridge Builder’s Union.  

The map is a remarkable amalgam of data, incorporating geographical and hydrographical information with data rich details of Buda and Pest.

Condition Description
1 map on 3 sheets : col. ; 84 x 171 cm., sheets 94 x 64 cm. or smaller.
Zsolt Gyözö Török and Domonkos Hillier: Exploring and Mapping the Danube:Reading a Hydrographical Map of Buda and Pest (1833). Exploratory interactive visualization: a 19th century map of Budapest on touch-screen museum display (Szolt, Adam, Paolo, Hillier).