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"Showing Discoveries of Greater in Importance and Number Than . . . Any Other Single Navigator in Northern Waters" (Hill)

Scarce map of the Polar regions of the Arctic, published in 1820 in Edinburgh.

The map was used to illustrated volume 1 of William Scoresby's  An account of the Arctic regions with a history and description of the northern whale-fishery . . . , published in Edinburgh in 1820.

William Scoresby drew this chart after John Ross returned from his 1818 voyage in search of a North-West passage. Ross reported that his route through Lancaster Sound was blocked by a range of mountains that he saw ahead but Scoresby's chart does not close off the sound entirely. 

The first volume of this work relates to the progress of discovery in the Arctic regions, and the natural history of Spitzbergen and the Greenland sea; the second is devoted to the whale-fishery as conducted in the seas of Greenland and Davis's Strait.   "Geographically [Scoresby's] discoveries were greater in importance and number than those of any other single navigator in northern waters" - Hill.  


Hill, 1543.