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Mississippi Territory Shown North of New Orelans Territory!

Rare early state of Walch's map of the United States, showing a number of early and transitional territorial configurations. This map vividly illustrates the fluid nature of American territorial boundaries between the Louisiana Purchase and the Adams-Onis Treaty in 1819.

The map map pre-dates the estabishment of Mississippi Territory, with a massive Georgia extending to the Mississippi River.

Curiously Florida is also shown extending to New Orleans.

The map shows a massive Indiana Territory, pre-dating the delineation of Illinois or Michigan Territories.

Louisiana is shown, as is the former Neu Orleans territory, which briefly existed during the Spanish and French control of the region. Masive Missury Territory.

Excellent detail, including forts, Indian Tribes, and other interesting details. 

Johann Walch Biography

Johann, or Johannes, Walch (1757-1816) was a painter and engraver. He was well-known for painting miniature portraits, having trained in Geneva, Venice, and Rome. Walch published several atlases and sheet maps. As with his atlases, many of Walch’s maps were reprinted after his death.