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Rare view of the City of Matanzas, Cuba, taken from the Monte de Cafetal de Dn. Vincente Guerrero.

This spectacular panorama of the city of Matanzas, northwest Cuba, was designed by Leonardo Barañano and lithographed by Eugenio Bourrelier.

The view is taken from the hill of the coffee plantation of Don Vicente Guerrero, behind the villa of Don Luis Lopez Villa-Vicencio. In the foreground are three figures, including the cartoonist Leonardo Barañano.

Four vignettes surround the main view. They show the parish church, the governor's palace, the Bailen bridge and the military hospital.

The title is in Spanish, English, and French.

This view is part of the series Isla de Cuba pintoresca or the picturesque island of Cuba, published in Havana, and most of the images were lithographed by Edouard Laplante. There is in the same series a very similar view of Matanzas, this one lithographed by Edouard Laplante, and without the four vignettes.