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Stock# 56704

Excellent Schoolboy's Manuscript Celestial Atlas, with Neat, Artistic Drawings.

Oblong small folio. Original orange marbled wrappers with green ribbon tie. Manuscript caligraphic title page, and four hand-drawn and -colored celestial plates on wove paper (the second sheet watermarked "JWhatman 1820").

Manuscript celestial atlas by A. Flint of Keyford Academy, most likely the Keyford Academy that was located in Somerset.

The atlas includes the following illustrations:

  1. "1 The Copernican System" "2 The Tychonic System" "3 The Ptolemaic" [General illustrations of the arrangement of the Solar System.]
  2. "The Planets as seen through a Telescope." "1. Sun 2. Venus 3. Earth 4. Moon 5. Mars 6. Jupiter 7. Saturn 8. Herschel."
  3. "The Seasons"
  4. "Eclipse of the Moon" "Eclipse of the Sun" "Phenomenon of then [sic] Moon phases."

One interesting eccentricity is that Flint has named Uranus after its discoverer, William Herschel.