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Rare separately published map of the World by Giuseppe Rosaccio, publisher of the largest World Map of the 16th Century.

Rodney Shirley notes:

This curiously elaborate world map is to be found in a speculative world geography by Guiseppe Rosaccio... The right-hand hemisphere is surrounded by bands denoting the climates; the left-hand one by lively windheads and celestial constellations. In the centre cusp is a dyspeptic portrait of the young Duke Cosimo II de Medici, and in the spandels are circular representations of the four elements. The lower part of the engraving consists of a neatly engraved Ptolemaic map of the world and a set of spherical diagrams showing the zones, meridians, and geographical features” -- Shirley.

The map was engraved by Guiseppe’s relative Alovisio Rosaccio and is very scarce. This is an example of the second state, with a beard added to the portrait of de Medici.

Condition Description
Some loss in upper left corner, expertly restored.
Shirley, The Mapping of The World, #268.