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Fine Dutch sea chart of the coast of French Guyana, with insets of both the island and fort of Cayenne. 

French Guiana was the location of the only successful, long-term French colony in South America. Though the earliest French settlements here were unable to survive hostile natives and tropical disease, Cayenne was finally established as a colony in the 1660s.

Notwithstanding brief periods of occupation by the English, Dutch, and Portuguese in the 19th century, Guiana has been under French rule ever since, and remains an overseas department of France.

The chart includes soundings, currents, shoals, and anchorages and embellished with rhumb lines, a sailing ship, and compass roses oriented with north to the right. Cartouche includes a large and superbly engraved cartouche featuring two befeathered natives tending two very well-behaved jaguars.

Condition Description
Old Color. Minor soiling. Remnants of rust from a paper clip at top center.