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"The Longitude Is Reckoned From the Meridian of Teens"

Finely created allegorical representations of the joys and pitfalls of matrimony, drawn in Canton, New York, by B. Jamison.

Includes a lengthy explanation at the bottom explaining the contents of the map, including: enter the road of love through Blindman's straits, between two noted capes or Headlands, riches, lust, beauty, and sometimes virtue. These are the motives of entering this dangerous road .... Cape ceremony ... Harbor of marriage thru fruition straits, and touch at Cape Ecstasy,  .... Beware of the rocks of jealousy, Cuckoldom Bay (with its wide mouth) [also note the cuckold point, in shape of penis], etc ....

Also shown is henpecked sands, whirlpool of adultery, pleasant straits, land of desire, etc. Directions in cartouche at top. At bottom there is a note: The Longitude is reckoned from the Meridian of Teens. 

Watermark of J. Whitman, 1860.

This is one of the few manuscript maps we have seen treating this subject -- the maker was likely school aged.

Condition Description
Top left corner torn away and restored with new paper.