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Important Large Map of Virginia With A Vitriolic Testimonial Added

Nice example of the 1862 edition of JT Lloyd's large map of Virginia, the most widely distributed and influential map of Virginia during the Civil War period.

Lloyd's map of Virginia is often referred to as the reduced edition of Herman Boye's seminal map of Virginia, which Lloyd credits as the map's source. First issued in 1861, the map was perhaps the most successful of all of Lloyd's separately issued maps, which included maps of the US, Mississippi River, Georgia and Tennessee.

Lloyd's map is colored by county and includes marvelous detail throughout, including a number of interesting annotations. There were at least 4 other states of Lloyd map, including an 1872 edition by Wynkoop & Hallenbeck, with the Lynchburg overprinting.

This edition of the map includes a note from Secretary of the Navy, Gideon Welles, and a long diatribe complaining about the Burnett House, in Cincinnati Ohio, whose

proprietor spends much of his time gambling, caring little for the comfort of his guests or how badly his clerks and servants act.  Almost daily, ladies are insulted in this house. Drunken men have been known to light cigars and smoke at the dinner-table, compelling the lady guests to rise and leave the room.  One of the clerks, named, Wm. W. Johnson, the very personification of impudence, forces himself into the ladies room uninvited and often insults them in the grossest manner . . . On the 13th of October this impudent clerk went into a lady guest's room  . . . uninvited, and threatened to WHIP HER LITTLE BOY, TWO YEARS OF AGE, for making a noise in the halls . . . LET THE SEA OF PUBLIC CONTEMPT BE PUT UPON THE BURNETT HOUSE AND ITS UNGENTLEMANLY CONDUCTORS, for where a lady cannot stop without being insulted it's no fit place for a FATHER, HUSBAND OR BROTHER to patronize -- Lloyd's R.R. Guide.

In all, we noted more than a dozen variant states of the map, mostly involving changing text entries around the title.

Condition Description
Dissected and laid on linen, with modern slipcase. Some minor chipping and loss at folds.
Swem 952