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A stunning example of this very scarce 17th Century English Map of the World, based upon the earlier map of Willem Blaeu by Pieter Van Den Keere and extensively reworked by the heirs of Jan Jansson, who had acquired the plate. The heirs, with Englishman Moses Pitt, attempted an ambitious atlas publication using, however, old reworked plates and of which only four of the intended twelve volumes were completed. The map retains the decorative borders of the original but has cartography updated to show California as an island, a reduction of the Great Southern Continent and an indication of the emerging Nova Hollandia (Australia) continent. The panels surrounding the map show images of the sun, moon and planets as gods--Luna, Mercury, Venus, Sol, Mars, Jupiter and Saturnus; representations of fire air, water and earth in human form; representations of the seasons--spring, summer, autumn and winter--as humans; and the 7 wonders of the ancient world. One of the most striking and highly sought after of all world maps. An old color example, which has been conserved and archivally backed to strengthen the paper. Clean wide margins. A visually superb example. Shirley 264 and 504.