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Based on a Jesuit Map of China

Finely executed map of China and Korea, originally drawn from Jesuit Sources.

The Qing Emperor Kangxi commissioned a ground of Jesuit surveyors to map China from 1708 to 1716. The resulting maps were published as the Kangxi Atlas (1718-19). The leading French cartographer Jean-Baptiste Bourguignon D'Anville (1697-1782), acquired copies of the Kangxi maps, which were first printed in Jean-Baptiste Du Halde's Description Geographique … de la Chine(Paris, 1735).

The map shows excellent detail in China including many towns and villages, watershed and the mountains. The map names Nan-Chang and Pe-King (Beijing) and presents a graphic Great Wall. Extends to include Formosa (Taiwan), the Mongol regions, all of the Korean Peninsula and Hay-Nan Island.

Korea is labeled Kau-Li-Qua or Kingdom of Korea." The map is based on Jesuit surveys and filled with a surprising amount of detail for its size.

Condition Description
Repaired tear at right center margin, extending to Tfong-ming, expertly repaired on verso.