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Early state of this rare lithographic bird's-eye view of Tacoma.

The present view, which is unattributed, would appear to be a copy of the 1884 Stoner View, but with signficant revisions and additional buildings and information. /gallery/detail/24151.

The present example predates the addition of Washington College as placename number 35.

By comparing Wellge's Tacoma lithograph with Glover's work of just six years earlier, and in turn comparing this view to the Wellge, one can see that the town's growth had been particularly swift; its experience demonstrated the importance of rail transportation in the race for urban supremacy. When Wellge drew the city, the Northern Pacific still had another three years before completing its transcontinental line, but Tacoma prospered from the promise of the future and a connection eastward via other railroads.

This view shows a number of new buildings, including a saw mill and flour mill in the left foreground, gas works just above these two mills, and the newly built Washington College. Several other new piers and landings appear on this left side of the bay.

Condition Description
Evidence of old folds and splits. Flattened and laid on archival linen.