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Spanish Language German Propaganda Map

Fascinating Spanish language German Propaganda map of the world, celebrating the German and Japanese success in World War II from September 1939 to September 1942 and their role as the Liberators of the new young vibrant peoples of Europe and Asia.

The map illustrates the dual assaults of Germany and Japan in the eastern and western theaters.

The text discusses the initial arrogance of England and thereafter the progressive successes of the Axis Powers, including the taking of Poland, Netherlands, Belgium and France, with the push into the Mediterranean and North Africa under Rommel, with the assistance of Italy.

The text describes how Germany was surrounded by its enemies (Britain and Soviet Russia), but had prevailed in defending itself.

The text describes the American Imperialist Roosevelt finding pretense to join the war and block the Japanese, resulting in Japan's quickly attacking and taking Southeast Asia and the Pacific, including Hong Kong and Singapore.

Condition Description
Minor chips and fold loss, as illustrated. Some minor soiling.