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The Cloverleaf Map of the World

Decorative example of Heinrich Buenting's striking clover leaf map of the World, from Heinrich Buenting's Itinerarium Sacrae Scriptura . . ., first published in Magdeburg in 1581.

The map presents a Holy Land-centric look at the earth, based upon the Scriptures, with Jerusalem at the center of the world, based upon the T-O world map model which was prevalent in medieval maps. Europe, Africa and Asia are within the 3 clover leaves, while England, Scandinavia and America lie outside the primary circles.

Buenting was a theological commentator from Hanover. He first published his Itinerarium Sacrae Scriptura in 1581. The work is famous among collectors as one of the great compilations of thematic maps, including Europe as a Queen and Asia as Pegasus. The ocean includes monsters, mermaids and a large sailing vessel. The work was reprinted at least 10 times in several languages over the next 70 years.

The title translation is "The Whole World in a Cloverleaf, Which is the Coat of Arms of Hannover, My Dear Fatherland."

Buenting's map is one of the most sought after 16th Century World maps.

Condition Description
The right, left, and bottom margins have been expertly extended, as has a bit of the image on the left and right edges. Additional reinforcements of centerfold creasing and a few clean tears.
Shirley 142.