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A Remarkable Early English Map of the North Polar Regions

Nice example of Moses Pitt's map of the North Pole.

Moses Pitt initially set out to produce an expanded edition of Jansson's Atlas Maior, with his partner Jacob Van Waesberg. Unfortunately, after production of several volumes, the project failed and Pitt landed in debtor's prison.

While most of the maps produced for the atlas are re-issues of earlier Dutch maps, Pitt's map of the North Pole, dedicated to the Right Honorable Charles FitzCharles, Earle of Plymouth, is an origianl production. The two vignettes show Inuit spear fishing and a European Whaling expedition. An inset map with annotations shows the most recent knowledge concerning Nova Zembla, based upon Russian, German and Dutch sources.

The map's nomenclature is in English and clearly shows both a Northwest Passage and a Northeast Passage. The map is elegantly finished with 4 compass roses and an elaborate coat of arms.