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First edition of Zebullon Pike's landmark map of the Rocky Mountain, Texas and the Southwest.

One of the most important regional maps of the American West, Zebullon Pike's map provides a detailed view showing the region from the Rocky Mountains, from the Missouri River to the Red River, Plate River and Arkansas River, tracking the route of the American Exploring Expedition's to the Rocky Mountains in 1806.

In the northwest, the map reaches to the "Yellow Stone" River, Branch of the Missouri in the Rocky Mountains and South to Santa Fe.

Pike's map identifies the hyrdrographic sources of the Arkansaw [Arkansas] and Red Rivers in New Mexico, as well as locating the Spanish settlements along the "Rio del Norte" [the Rio Grande] north of Santa Fe. Pike notes address the local vegetation, geography, and previous explorations. Pike's route along the Arkansas River is shown, as the route of the Spanish Cavalry intercepting Pike's party. A separate route tracks the smaller party led by Pike.

The detail between the Missouri River and the Red River is truly extraordinary, and includes many original notes and observations which make it a source map for all maps which came after. Also includes highly detailed Indian Village and topographical information. "Highest Peak" is a reference to Pike's Peak.

The Reference key also helps locate:

  • American camps (X)
  • Spanish camps (O)
  • Limits of Pike's actual surveys
  • Spanish Villages and towns
  • Indian Villages

Pike also identifies Lieutenant Wilkinson as the surveyor of a section of the Arkansas River, Captain Many as the surveyor of the White River, Thomas Freeman as the surveyor of the Red River and William Dunbar as the surveyor of the Whashita River.

On the far side of the Rocky Mountains, 4 rivers are shown and labeled as the Head Waters of California.

The map was prepared to illustrate the first edition of An Account of Expeditions to the Sources of the Mississippi, and Through the Western Parts of Louisiana, to the Sources of the Arkansaw, Kans, La Platte, and Pierre Jaun, Rivers; ... During the Years 1805, 1806, and 1807. And a Tour Through the Interior Parts of New Spain, When Conducted Through These Provinces, by order of The Captain-General, in the year 1807. By Major Z.M. Pike.

A fundamental map for Western American collections.

Condition Description
Several minor repaired tears below title and several minor repaired fold splits. Margin extended at bottom right for framing.
Wheat, Mapping the Transmississippi West 298