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Rare map of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Indian Territory, with most of Southern California, published in New York by H.S. Stebbins.

An unusual map, carved from a larger wall map published by Walling.

Arizona includes only 2 counties, along with a decorative Native American scene. New Mexico is crossed by a number of early roads, along with a line demarcating the former boundary between the US and Mexico under the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, as established by the surveys of Conde and Bartlett.

The proposed Southern Rail Road Route traverses west Texas, as does the US.Mail Route and Ft. Presidio County.

In New Mexico, the Santa Fe Road is clearly noted, as is the route to Ft. Smith, Cook's Wagon Route. etc.

In Arizona, a section of the Proposed Railroad Route and Sitgreaves route appear in the north, along with the road from Los Angeles to Salt Lake.

In Southern California, the last leg of the Southern Pacific Railway route is noted, passing through San Gorgonio Pass. San Diego, San Luis, and Warner's Pass appear, as does the Cajon Pass, Mount San Bernardino and Temescal.