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Finely executed sea chart of the Channel between England and Europe, published in Paris in 1779.

The map covers the coast of England from South Wales and Cornwall to Ipswich and the coast of Europe from Ostende to Nantes.

Extensive soundings given, with rhumblines and several large compass roses.

A fine example, in old color.

Jean Lattré Biography

Jean Lattré (fl. 1743-1793) was a Parisian bookseller and engraver who published many maps, plans, globes, and atlases. He worked closely with other important French cartographers, including Janvier, Bonne, and Delamarche, as well as other European mapmakers, such as William Faden, Santini, and Zannoni. Lattré is also interesting due to his propensity to bring suits against those who copied his work; plagiarism was common practice in eighteenth-century cartography and mapmakers struggled to maintain proprietary maps and information.