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Scarce map of the four corners states, hand colored by counties.

Includes substantial details in each of these then territories of the US, including towns, mountains, rivers, Forts, Indian Villages, early railroads and proposed railroad routes, and many many other details. The map is extensively annotated.

The evolution of this map is one of the more fascinating cartographic histories. First engraved in London by Johnston, the map began in the mid 1850s as a collaboration between Rogers & Johnston, first as a wall map and later as their now exceeding rare Atlas of the United States. While Johnston continued to issue the full map of the US in case and wall map format, the atlas version did not appear in print in the US until it was used by J. David Williams in a substantially updated format for his People's Pictorial Atlas of 1873, then issued again by HH Hardesty in the 1st edition of the Jones Historical Atlas, which was then revised to include the first full set of Rand McNally maps of the US the following year, another cartographic landmark work.

Condition Description
Minor soiling.