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Extremely Rare Variant Edition on Thick Paper!

Detailed map of the southeastern United States, prepared following the completion of the Atlanta Campaign.

Unlike other editions, the map is colored in outline to show the movements of the different Army Corps during the Atlanta Campaign, including Cavalry and Infantry Units, along with the Rebel and Union Fortifications (by color).

The map also includes a list of authorities.

The map also shows cavalry and infantry routes, railroads, rivers, and other detailed information.

There appear to be several editions of the map, all of which are uncolored, except for this edition. Morever, this example is on a single thick sheet of paper, which has never been folded.

We surmise that this edition was issued in very limited quanties, intended for military use.

Condition Description
Printed on thick paper, which has never been folded. Minor tear at lower right margin, just entering printed image
Stevenson 72; McElfresh, E. Maps & Mapmakers of the Civil War, pp. 244-45