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Rare separately issued set of town plans on 3 sheets, probably prepared for Eberhard Werner Happel in 1688.

Additional Cities named include Tokay, Simontorna, Verewitiza, Zachmar, S. Nicholaus, Samos=Viwar, Zigeth, Wihitsch, Canischa, Funfkirchen, Stuhl Weissenburg, Waizen, Villeck, Petrinia, Lewenz, Plindenburg, Vice Grad, Sisek, Gran and Serinwar

These views also appeared as separate sheets in Happel's Thesaurus exoticorum oder Eine mit aussländischen Raritäten und Geschichten wohlversehene Schatz-Kammer fürstellend die Asiatische, Africanische und Americanische Nationes, published in Hamburg.

Happel's Thesaurus, is very rare. The work was intended as a general history and description of the world, with special reference to the Turkish and Austrian dominions, and including a German version of the Koran. Sabin calls it "a sort of German Coryat" filled with a history of the wars between Hungary and Turkey. Particularly interesting are the notices of America (New France, Virginia, Florida, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, etc.), with a long report on the discoveries made by Drake in California. It has a series of curious representations of American natives, with detailed descriptions of their manners, customs, religion, etc. The work is heavily illustrated with some woodcuts nearly full page. A detailed description of Hungary is richly illustrated with engraved plates. It is not clear if this work has any connection to mineralogy, but it is listed in Gatterer's bibliography.

The present example is quite unusual, combining multiple plates on a single large sheet, with no text on the verso.

This is the first time we have ever seen this set of plans offered for sale.

Condition Description
2 sheets, joined.