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Scarce map of Bermuda from the fourth book of the English Pilot. Shows islands, bays and inlets, forts, navigational hazards, and a "Flemish Wreck." Includes wonderful text in English on the front and back, which includes a description of Bermudas or the Summer-Islands, A Description of the Ports and Islands uppn the Coast Between the Amazons and Cape Florida and A Descripion of the Gulph of Florida and the Bahama Islands. Includes a text note from the publisher stating--I would advise everyone to ta take special care upon theis Coast, for there are abundance of Rocks which are very dangerous: Likewise hereabouts it is very subject to tempestuous Weather…. Sellers & Van Ee 2148. A nice wide margin example of this desireable map on a 19x12 inch sheet with text front and back.